Frequently Asked Quetions

Q. How can I login as shop?

A. You can visit this link to login as shop owner or employee. Or you can go to bottom of the page and click "Shop Login" to login.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. You can visit this link and enter your tracking ID mentioned in your sms or on top of your invoice to track your order.

Q. Where can I find the tracking id?

A. You can find the tracking id in 3 places.
(i) In the message sent to your registed no.
(ii) In the customer receipt provided by the shop while booking.
(iii) On your email which you have provided while placing order.

Q. Is the Free plan free forever?

A. Yes definately, the free plan is free forever and we will never ask for any charge for free plan.

Q. From where can I find the API to intigrate it with my website?

A. You can find the API to intigrate in your website from this link. In the same page you will aslo find the related documentation of it.

Q. What if we face any issue in the website or admin portal?

A. Don't worry, there is a support portal in which we are available most of the time. We will help you in any way we can to solve your issue or help you wih anything related to My Darzie.

Q. Where can I find the document related to Admin portal?

A. You can find the admin related portal by following the below
Login to admin > Drop down your shop name > Go to Profile > In this page there is a read documentation option.

Q. I have a custom requirement and I want to add it in my shop. Is it possible?

A. We are sure we can find a way to work it out. Please do contact us using Countact Us page.

Q. Is the free subscription shops also listed on your shops page?

A. Yes! All the shops are listed in the shop page no matter their subscription is. You can find any shop and their services in the shop page.

Q. What shops are listed on main page? Is there any extra charge to list the shop in the main page?

A. The shops which are in pro subscription are on the main page. And no, there is no extra charge to show the shop in the main page.

Q. How can I find the shop for any specific dress?

A. On the main page, there is an option to choose dress, by entering the dress name in that section one can get the list of all shops which provide that dress.