About Us

Our Story

Once upon a time in a very small town near the end of the country, there was a tailor's shop. He had a good location, nice furniture, good customers, and an energetic team of 4 men working under him. His life was easy and peaceful. One day he decided to open one more shop in faraway land (Like 20KM away). He purchases a good piece of land, hires some good men with the strength to build a store for his business, bought some nice furniture for that store, purchased all the equipments needed for the business.

But now he had two shops to look after, but he started feeling confused and tired, he had to travel all the way 20 KM twice or thrice a day to only give instructions to the men who worked there, and didn't know how to manage the business without any stress, he was not able to find a good medium to run his business efficiently. He prayed to God to help him, get him any good software to monitor and manage the business.

At that time we came to the earth, ready to help the poor man manage his business. God put the idea in our minds to create one awesome software to help all the small and big men of this world. Hence we created this software from our soul and body.

After getting the software, the person managed his boutique and lived heppily ever after.

Note: The above story is fictional but the motive is Real.

Our Mission and Vision

So, our basic moto is to bring the shop and boutique based on small and large scale at one platform, where the owner can easily manage his bussiness at one place without any trouble. we are trying to provide the best and as simple as possible interface so that everything can be on the fingertips of the user. We have also introduced the user management system in which every user of any shop can have different task list and can be restricteed to see the section which are not suitable for them.

"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet."
—Carrie Bradshaw

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